Ford F650


Our staff at Maracoonda Automotive are determined to use their incomparable skills to be amongst the best at re-engineering American Trucks for the Australian market. We are skilled at the conversion of trucks ranging from the Ford F150, that is used for both urban and rural driving all the way up to the F650, which is a large premium commercial vehicle. While it is touted as a “medium duty” truck by Ford, the F650 is certainly capable of handling most any job effectively and in style.

Ford F650

There is also a larger market for the F650 as a “Super Truck”


This is in large part due to the amazing capability of these trucks, thanks to their powerful diesel engines. The current F650 with the 6.7 Cummins B Series engine (ISB) diesel, while previous models are offered in 5.9 Cummins and the 7.2 litre Caterpiillar C7 diesel.

Black F650 & F650 Tilt Tray

A range of transmission choices are available, with five separate options for 5-speed or 6-speed Allison automatic transmissions. For those who prefer to drive with a manual transmission, there are five selections for a 5-speed or 6-speed Eaton Fuller transmission, or an additional alternative to choose between two TTC Spicer 7-speed manual transmissions.

Like other Ford trucks, the F650 comes with three choices for cab size, Regular Cab, SuperCab, and CrewCab. In addition to the cab size, there are three different chassis available – the Regular Frame, the Pro Loader Kick Up Frame, and the Pro Loader Straight Frame. Depending on the options selected, the wheel base for the F650 can range from 3403.6 mm to 7137.4 mm. In part because of the heavy towing loads expected for this truck, all of the F650s come with rear wheel drive, with dual rear wheels as the standard. For safety considerations, speed control and an ABS braking system are also found in each F650. These trucks are available with disc brakes or air brakes.

Even with its strong work heritage, The F650 has a comfortable ride within the cab, with such options as leather upholstery, heated seats, and MP3 decoders available for those who want a luxury ride. So whether you are keen to put your new F650 directly to work, or you want to use it as a Super Truck, do not hesitate to turn to Maracoonda Automotive. Your Ford F650 truck dealer.

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